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In order to provide highly attentive, dedicated, and customized coaching, only a few new members will be accepted into the program each month as space opens up. Potential members will be asked to complete a Change Readiness Questionnaire and brief interview before acceptance into the program. Please click below to express your interest, add your name to the wait list, and get additional information. There is no obligation to purchase; further details will be provided before final program commitment.

This program is not for you if...

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This program is for you if...

8 or 12-WEEK ONLINE PROGRAM FOR INDIVIDUALS OR PAIRS; this Premium-Level, Highly Personalized Coaching includes:  

  • In-depth, personal development of the exclusive MORE approach to Goal Achievement
  • Initial Private Immersion Session (online, 1.5 hours)
  • Weekly Private Behavior Modification Coaching Sessions (online, 1 hour each)
  • Weekly “homework” designed to practice behavioral change skills and keep plan on track
  • Customized nutrition recommendations*
  • Customized exercise recommendations
  • Direct Health Coach Access via Text/Email
  • Discounted private coaching rate post-program to continue momentum
  • Exclusive access to the MORE TRANSFORMATION private group featuring support from coach and other members, bonus resources, nutritional guidance, recipes, coaching videos, random "goodies and giveaways", and so much more...

what is MORE transformation?

sm have struggled with transforming your genuine desire for a healthier lifestyle into sustainable action and are looking for a long-term solution once and for all!

*Scope of Practice Disclaimer: Lisa Hisscock is a Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer, with a specialty in Behavior Change, and is qualified to provide nutritional information in a general, non-medical form. Lisa is not a Registered Dietitian. Nutritional suggestions and guidance provided as part of the program is for educational/informational purposes only. Clients are encouraged to consult other professional services outside of this scope of practice as necessary. are looking for rapid weight loss, a “diet”, a quick fix solution to improving health and fitness, immediate results, instant gratification, or anything similar!

what clients are saying...

8-WEEK ONLINE PROGRAM FOR SMALL GROUPS (up to 20); this Interactive Group Coaching is offered 3 times per year and includes: 

  • Development of the exclusive MORE approach to Goal Achievement
  • Weekly Behavior Modification Group Coaching Sessions (online, 1 hour, 8 total)
  • Recorded sessions available for download...helpful if you miss one!
  • Weekly “homework” designed to practice behavioral change skills and keep plan on track
  • General Nutrition recommendations*
  • General Exercise recommendations ​ 
  • Health Coach Access via Private Facebook Group
  • Discounted private coaching rate post-program to continue momemtum
  • Exclusive access to the MORE TRANSFORMATION private group featuring support from coach and other members, bonus resources, nutritional guidance, recipes, coaching videos, random "goodies and giveaways", and so much more...

…been unsuccessful with previous attempts to make lasting healthy changes?
…lost weight in the past only to gain it back?
…tried a variety of quick-fix diets and/or exercise plans?
…found it difficult to exercise consistently for more than 6 months?
…said that you don’t have the time to exercise or eat right?
…purchased equipment, books, DVDs, personal training, gym memberships with limited success?
…been told by a doctor that you should lose weight for health reasons?
...been diagnosed with cardiac risk factors (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes)?
…experienced a gradual weight gain over the years, and especially after 40?
…felt that weight loss was a hopeless cause and you are just pre-destined to be overweight?



Transforming HEALTH HABITS for lasting change! 

with Coach Lisa Hisscock


  • MORE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM graduates only: Monthly MORE-mentum Membership with private coaching and member support.
  • For clients who desire health coaching in a more flexible, "as needed" format outside of the MORE program: "A la carte" private 1-hour sessions are available in packages of 4. ​

The MORE Transformation program is essentially HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TRAINING. Think of it this way…would you attempt to run a marathon on willpower alone? Would you expect that just because you have a strong desire to go the distance, declared your goal to the world, purchased the best shoes, and mapped out the 26.2 mile route that you will crush this goal? Of course not! You would put in the training necessary to greatly improve your chances of reaching the finish line.

Let’s apply this same logic to health goals. You may have a deep desire to reach a certain goal, declared it to the world, purchased the best food, invested in exercise equipment, and selected a specific diet and exercise plan. Then, on that proverbial "Monday", you are all-in and your race to the finish begins! Your initial motivation will surely get you started…but then, without proper training to develop the skills and capability necessary for lasting behavior change, the race will soon become overwhelming and exhausting, and willpower alone will not sustain you to “the finish line”.  

The MORE Transformation Program provides this critical TRAINING, often missing in conventional "health" programs. Using the exclusive MORE APPROACH     to goal achievement, members explore MOTIVATION, identify OBJECTIVES, create a ROADMAP (specific actions based on personal health goals), and then develop skills that trigger consistent EXECUTION of these actions. And consistent execution leads to new habits; the “magic pills” for creating and sustaining a healthier lifestyle.

Facilitating this entire approach is a certified Health Coach who is specially trained in behavior change psychology. Just like elite marathoners don’t tackle their training alone, neither should you. A Coach not only provides support, information, and accountability but, above all, helps to unlock your own capability to successfully transform goals into reality!

MORE Transformation is a systematic behavior change program focused on creating consistent health habits for long-term health and weight management. The program is rooted in behavior change psychology and helps members discover and develop their own capability to create healthier lives with the guidance of a certified Health Coach, specialized in Behavior Change.



"I can’t thank you enough Lisa! The program has been life-changing and will continue to be. I reached a point where I was fed up and happened to run into you. Fate once again. Seeing before/after photos and measurements is so motivating. I still have 10 lbs to go and for the first time, I’m confident it will happen!"        - Hal S. 

"When I came to the realization that I needed a health coach I chose Lisa because her program sounded like exactly what I needed. It appealed to me because of her “slow and steady” approach to change and it incorporates a food and workout component. Her program is intentional and lays the ground work necessary to see short-term and long-term progress. We set goals together that are achievable and she gives me the tools I need to reach them.

The meal plan suggestions are simple, easy to implement, and has changed the way I think about food. Planning meals and preparing real food at home has become a part of my everyday life. Lisa has provided me with a personalized cardio and strength training program that takes into account my specific needs. She has patiently worked with me through some challenges and makes the necessary changes so I can keep moving forward.

I look forward to my coaching calls because in addition to a smiling face and words of encouragement, I know she has been evaluating my week and will offer suggestions on how I can be more successful. Choosing Lisa for my health coach is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. With her help, I have developed a healthier mindset and habits that benefit me every day."          - Kenna N.

​​I have been working out with a trainer for several years and I have tried numerous "quick fix" weight loss programs.  I have seen success at different times, but have always found my way back to the same place I started. That place consisted of unhealthy eating and inconsistent workouts.  

When I started the program with Lisa, I honestly didn't know what to expect and I was skeptical that this would be just another quick fix.  But after the first week, I realized it was not that at all. This program centers on changing behavior and habits, rather than just focusing on diet and exercise. I began to realize that over the last several years, I had developed bad habits that were not going to be broken by just dieting until the scale said what I wanted it to say.  I was going to have to dig deep to determine the source and trigger for those habits and focus on the "why" I wanted to break free from them.  

Lisa has been so encouraging even when I wanted to give up and I believed I was a failure.  She has such a passion for this program and for helping people change how they think about food and health. I am still on this journey but I have already created several new habits and broken free from some bad ones that I have had for years.  This program has what all the others are missing and I believe it is anything but a quick fix.      - Jennifer M.

If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, you are most definitely not alone! Despite the fact that there are more resources available to support a healthy lifestyle than ever before, the CDC reports that over 67% of Americans are overweight or obese. And only 45% of adults engage in the minimum recommended levels of exercise. 

Why? Because CHANGE IS REALLY HARD.  In fact, permanent lifestyle modification is nearly impossible if you don’t have meaningful motivation, a clear and achievable goal, an effective strategy, a support system, and the skills and capability to create change. And that is exactly where MORE Transformation comes in…