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In order to provide highly attentive, dedicated, and customized training, new in-person clients will only be added as space opens up. Please click below to express your interest, add your name to the wait list, and get additional information. There is no obligation to purchase; further details will be provided before final program commitment.


  • Two 45-minute training sessions/week 
  • Consultation, Body Composition (optional), and Fitness Assessment (counts as 1st session)
  • Tailored Program Design (based on assessment results) with progression modifications
  • Interactive workouts via app to complete outside of trainer sessions (available throughout package duration)
  • Nutritional Analysis (food journal) and general guidance
  • Access to trainer via text/email throughout the package
  • Invitation to the MORE online community featuring support from other followers, bonus articles, nutritional guidance, recipes, fitness challenges, random “goodies and giveaways”, coaching videos, HIIT podcasts, as so much more…

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what clients are saying...

"Lisa is a dedicated, passionate, and innovative leader in fitness and health coaching.  When we reached out to Lisa, she brought commitment, accountability, and inspiration to our lives.  Her persistent positive attitude, passion for teaching, and faithfulness to the betterment of other people's lives was evident during each visit, and we will always remember her coaching.  Thank you, Lisa!!"
-K. and J. N. (husband and wife)

​"Lisa's approach to personal training truly puts the emphasis on personal.  Right from our first meeting she has helped me focus on defining my goals by learning about what I wanted to accomplish, and not telling me what my goals should be. Lisa didn't try to fit me to a program, but rather utilized her expertise as a coach and trainer to create a plan that worked for me. After working with Lisa for a short time, I am much better equipped to achieve my short and long term goals!"  

​“I saw more results with Lisa than with any other trainer I've used. Each session was pre-planned to add variety & keep it interesting, yet designed to maximize the impact of my efforts. In just 6 short weeks going twice a week, I can already see the changes in my body and my clothes fit better. I have just renewed for another 12-pack of workouts. Highly recommend.”

​"Lisa is a fantastic personal trainer who is both talented and passionate about what she does.  She takes the time to assess your current condition and help you build and achieve a fitness plan in a healthy way.  It is really nice to have the one-on-one attention and I think you get a much better work out when you are being guided by someone who can make sure you are doing everything correctly and that you are pushing yourself in a healthy way.  Lisa’s workouts are consistently challenging with an evolving mixture of new exercises to keep everything fun.  She instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work harder.  Lisa is an excellent personal trainer and I would recommend her without hesitation."
 -W. M.

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Have specific fitness and/or body composition goals? Desire the highest level of accountability, encouragement, and attentive expertise? Struggle with or do not enjoy working out on your own or in a gym environment? Have previous medical or physical limitations that require special consideration and modification? Have a friend that wants to workout with you? If yes to any or all, then working hand-in-hand with a fitness professional is for you!

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​Premium level of accountability and attentive expertise

Sweat it out in a targeted, effective, safe way with the instruction and motivation from a professional