A Health Coach’s guide to UNIQUE Holiday Gift Giving

The gift of HEALTH is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving! There are the popular choices for healthy gift giving: gym memberships, workout wear, activity trackers, healthy cookbooks, etc., all of which can provide great value. But if you pride yourself on finding that unique gift, you’ve come to the right place! I offer my TOP 8 UNIQUE (and yes…some unusual) suggestions:

THRIVE MARKET* Membership– This online, membership-based market provides the best healthy and natural products for your home, kitchen, and body at a fraction of the cost you’d pay at higher-priced natural markets. The best part of this gift is that for every paid membership, Thrive market provides a free membership for a family in need. Truly the gift that keeps giving! Click this link to start shopping. (Want to see a video post with all my Thrive Market favorites, plus a free downloadable Thrive Market Shopping List? Click here!)

SLEEP SMARTER book (by Shawn Stevenson) – There are many books that I could suggest, but this one tops the list because quality sleep impacts all other aspects of health – mind, body, and spirit. Poor sleep quality has significant hormonal, metabolic, emotional, and physical consequences that will undermine even the best of health programs. More information can be found here.

JOURNAL – Journaling is an instrumental part of my health coaching practice for many reasons. Writing things down provides awareness and clarity, boosts self-confidence and self-discipline, can help control emotions and stress, and increases probability of reaching goals, among other benefits. As part of a health program, a journal can be used for practical purposes such as keeping a food log and tracking health habits, or for more emotional benefit, like recording gratitude and spiritual insights. You can buy them blank or with some structured journal prompts built in. Two of my favorites: Full Focus Journal* and The Five Minute Journal.

ESSENTIAL OILS – I am not an expert on oils, nor do I sell them. And even as a holistic health coach, I was skeptical of their effectiveness, until I tried them for myself. Whether you diffuse, ingest, or apply topically, high quality essential oils are shown to help with everything from allergies to snoring; digestion to headaches; moodiness to wrinkles. The key words are HIGH QUALITY. More info can be found here: Doterra or Dr. Axe Essential Oils Guide.

SQUATTY POTTY – Bet you didn’t know that there is an ideal “potty posture”! The Squatty Potty is a bathroom aid that, shall I say, helps with comfort and ease of elimination. The obvious health benefit of elimination is removing toxins from our bodies, while also reducing bloating and other gastrointestinal distress. And, come on…we all just feel lighter and healthier afterward! This would make a memorable “Secret Santa” gift! More info can be found here.

TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER* – Regular exercise is important to overall health, and strength training is a key component to a well-rounded fitness program. Lean muscle mass not only looks good on the outside, but also provides advantages on the inside like increased metabolism at rest, bone health, and improved balance. But strength training at the gym with standard strength equipment is just not for everyone. That's where the TRX Suspension Trainer comes in! This one tool provides a low impact, portable, and effective strength training option for people of all fitness levels. I really do believe that all home gyms should include this tool!

OMELET PAN – I thought long and hard about the one kitchen item I would include here; there are many on my list of “must-haves”! So why are omelets so ideal? EGGS are a near perfect food, containing good fats and high quality proteins, and nearly every vitamin and mineral our bodies need. Not only that, but they are a great vehicle to hold other nutrition powerhouses like avocados, smoked salmon, spinach, etc. And eat the whole egg, not just the whites. Most of the benefits are found in the yolk. Don’t worry; studies show that the dietary cholesterol in eggs has little impact on blood cholesterol levels. On a side note, did you know that there are healthier options of cookware? High quality stainless steel is the healthiest option. If you’d like to read more about the health of your cookware, head here: Dr. Axe: Best Nontoxic Cookware.

BLUE TOOTH EARBUDS – Optimal health includes movement, and in my personal and professional experience, listening to something while moving/exercising provides added motivation. Whether you choose music, a podcast, or an audio book, all can have an effect on energy levels and engagement. My all-time favorite earbuds can be found here.

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Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday!

(It’s important to note that these are my personal unbiased favorites. For those links noted with *, I may receive a small commission if you purchase by following the link.)

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