My Thrive Market Kitchen Essentials

Let’s face it. High-quality, healthy food is more expensive than low-quality, health-compromising alternatives. Until demand matches supply, it’s the reality of the market (at least I think that’s right…Economics was my worst college grade)!

So what can you do if you want to honor your health AND honor your grocery budget? Let me suggest Thrive Market! Thrive Market is making healthy living affordable and accessible for everyone by offering high-quality products at 25-50% off retail, shipped right to your front door. I’ve been a customer for nearly 4 years and have saved over $3000 in that time. That is some serious cash savings! I love them so much that I’m now a proud affiliate partner.*

In this Facebook Live, I’m telling you a bit more about why I love Thrive Market, how it works, and taking you inside my kitchen to show you some of my Thrive Market essentials. And best of all, I’ve created a free download: Coach Lisa’s Thrive Market Favorites. It’s all yours by clicking HERE. When you download the list, click on any of the text in orange and you’ll be taken directly to Thrive Market. If you’d rather skip my list and start shopping for your own favorites, click here.

Healthy Shopping!



* Disclosure: I am a proud affiliate of Thrive Market. If you shop at Thrive through my links, I will receive a small commission. I appreciate your support! Note: Video mentions a new member promotion current at the time of recording. Thrive Market may change this promotion at any time and will have most current promotion on their website. 

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