Protein Bars: How to Choose Wisely!

Many of my busy, on-the-go clients ask me…”Lisa, what are the best protein bars to have when I’m on the go?” You’d think I’d have a concise, definitive answer to this. But have you seen the protein bar aisle at your local grocery store lately? Oh my goodness…so many choices! And depending on your health status and goals, I might recommend different ones. So, without me coming to the store with you, how in the world are you suppose to find the one that makes sense for you?

That is exactly where this Facebook Live comes in! I’m helping you look past the often deceiving marketing jargon on the front of the label and decode the actual ingredients. This Live is well worth your time if you want to ensure you are making a wise choice for you and your health goals. After watching, you’ll be able to navigate the ever expanding protein bar aisle like a pro!

And be sure to download the FREE PROTEIN BAR GUIDE below…take it with you on your next grocery trip!


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