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This is THE question I ask all clients. Besides having a fit, strong, lean, pool-rockin’ body, why would you get up early to exercise or choose berries over brownies? What MORE do you want out of life than your current state of health and fitness allows? Here’s why I ask…I can create an effective workout plan and provide optimal nutrition recommendations for your goals (along with a million+ other health pros out there), but YOU have to FOLLOW THE PLAN! And in my experience, if you don’t have a purpose for doing so, beyond what you see in the mirror, your commitment will be short lived. Neither of us want that.

So, IF YOU'VE STRUGGLED TO TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS INTO REALITY, are tired of failed attempts and wasted money, and most importantly, have health goals that go beyond jean size and six-pack abs, let’s get in touch and explore your MORE. ​

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