Let Me Introduce You to Online Fitness Coaching

It’s new’ish, it’s convenient, and most importantly, it’s crazy effective.

(In fact, my online fitness coaching clients have greater fitness gains than my in-person clients…which is why I only coach online now!)

Online Fitness Coaching is a Perfect Option for Fitness-Seekers Who:

  • Currently exercise but are not seeing expected results
  • Exercised in the past (or still), but inconsistently
  • Never exercised (just don’t know where to start!)
  • Are intimidated by the weight room (so mainly stick to cardio workouts)
  • Belong to a gym and either don’t go or not sure what to do when there!
  • Have no desire to join a gym…would rather work out at home (but don’t)
  • Have some home fitness equipment (that mostly gathers dust)
  • Worked with a trainer in the past but would cancel and forfeit paid sessions
  • Would love to have the support of a trainer (but not in the budget)
  • Don’t have time to waste on cookie-cutter or “junk” workouts

If you shook your head “yes” to any of these statements, you are not alone!

The CDC reports that only about 45% of adults engage in the minimum recommended levels of exercise. And studies show that 67% of PAID gym memberships go unused!

Why Do We Struggle With Exercise Habits?

If workouts are not CONVENIENT, EFFECTIVE, ENJOYABLE, and AFFORDABLE (along with some positive accountability), lasting exercise habits will be nearly impossible to establish.

Well…that’s a lot to factor into a workout plan. No wonder the statistics are so bleak!

But here’s the great news…

The Solution

Online fitness coaching is an exciting option to turn these statistics around…starting with YOU!

Convenient: The more convenient the workout, the less room for cancellation. You decide where and when you can exercise. Workouts are designed accordingly.

Effective: No “cookie-cutter” program here! Workouts are designed for your goals and fitness level so you can see results that make you excited to continue!

Enjoyable: Now don’t confuse enjoyable with easy. But if you don’t enjoy the type of exercise, how likely are you to continue? Workouts are designed to balance enjoyment with effectiveness.

Affordable: For less than just one training session with a personal trainer, you get one month of online fitness coaching. (Yes…you can now afford your very own personal trainer!)

Accountability: Personal accountability can increase success by as much as 95%…better yet if that accountability partner has the expertise related to your goals, and is super supportive. (Like yours truly!)

Okay…can you see why I’m so excited about offering ONLINE FITNESS COACHING?

I really do believe it’s a promising method to establish exercise habits once and for all! But don’t take my word for it…

“… many online [personal training] clients actually adhere better than in-person clients and get better results.” –US News and World Report, January 2017

“I am in my first month of an online training program with Lisa and I feel so good! If you have ever thought about personal training, consider this option.” –Karyn U.

How Does it Work?

First things first…we hop on a quick call (click here to get started) to see if we’d make a “good team”. I’m not interested in wasting your time and money; I’m interested in helping you establish balanced exercise habits. We’ll figure out if online fitness training is the right fit when we chat. If we move ahead, it’s pretty simple:

Step 1: Get Up and Running. You complete a comprehensive consultation form and then I’ll build your training program accordingly! You’ll also download your personal mobile training app which is where we will stay connected.

Step 2: We Chat. We meet via video conference to discuss the program and training app in detail.

Step 3: You Get Busy! You use the app to access the program (complete with instructions and video demonstrations), track workout stats, and reach out to me through in-app messaging. You can also get fancy with the app and track body stats, before/after pictures, and run detailed reports on your progress (if that’s the kind of stuff that keeps you motivated!). I'll keep an eye on your progress throughout the month and send support and encouragement when needed.

Monthly Check-ins: We meet for 30 minutes via video conference to discuss progress and tweak workouts to keep pace accordingly in the month ahead. (By the way…no long-term contract. That’s not my thing. Discontinue monthly membership anytime and keep all the workouts.)

A Note About Exercise & Weight Loss

If you want to LOSE WEIGHT by exercising, you will not! If you disagree, I’m not the coach for you. I create training programs focused on functional strength and metabolic health; helping clients create strong, lean, flexible, balanced, efficient bodies that support and enhance their current stage of life…so they can BE MORE, not just weigh less.

That said…a positive and motivating by-product of regular physical exercise with sound nutrition is a metabolically healthy body composition (lean muscle vs. body fat percentage). Exercise can also help to manage/sustain a healthy weight.

While the “eat less, exercise more” philosophy may result in initial weight loss, countless studies prove that this approach is nearly impossible to sustain long term, resulting in re-gain.

So, if weight loss isn’t the reason to exercise, why even bother? I’m glad you asked…check out the benefits of exercise below.

The Benefits of Exercise

The research is abundant and clear…participating in regular physical activity has benefits well beyond what our body looks like on the outside. Here are just a few…

  • Improve mood, reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Lower risk of certain cancers
  • Prevent common diseases such as type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure
  • Increase energy
  • Increase bone density
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase muscle density and strength
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Improve cognitive function and mental focus
  • Improve balance
  • Ease symptoms of certain chronic pain conditions; healthier joints
  • Boost immune system
  • Reduce cravings
  • Save money on future health care costs
  • Improve self-esteem
  • “Be” younger…new research shows anti-aging effects on a cellular/DNA level!

Ready to Take the Next Step?