Typical health and fitness transformations include before and after pictures. You won’t find those here because MORE client transformations are far MORE THAN A BODY! Here’s how they describe their results after investing in online health and fitness coaching…


“This health coaching program is so relieving, in that I realized my failed attempts weren’t about me and my lack of willpower. I have the right tools now!”


“I’ve worked with a health coach in the past, but there was no framework. I love having a coaching framework that is intentional and guides the process.”


“After coaching with Lisa, I’m no longer overwhelmed. I have a new respect for myself and my health goals, and have a manageable plan that I’m now finally capable of implementing.”


“You can try the latest diet on the market. You can read every book on the topic. But until you form the underlying habits for success, you will not make lasting progress. Because of Lisa’s robust program and coaching, I now have clarity on what drives my daily behavior and am making consistent healthy choices.”


“With Lisa’s coaching, I’ve turned health hopes into health plans. Her program is the antidote to the New Year’s Resolution Ruin!”


“I can’t say enough great things about MORE THAN A BODY coaching! I recently completed Lisa’s 8-week Habit Transformation Program, the MORE APPROACH, and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. Lisa’s positive attitude is contagious, and her program transforms your mind which leads to creating positive habits, one small step at a time. With Lisa’s valuable knowledge and coaching skills, we were able to develop a health program specifically tailored for where I am in life. I began to see results in only 2 weeks and by 8 weeks, I was confident that we had developed a long-term solution to my overall health. If you’re tired of quick-fix diet programs that just don’t deliver, do yourself a favor and trust Lisa’s amazing approach to achieving the healthiest version of yourself!”


“I can’t thank you enough Lisa! The program has been life-changing and will continue to be.”


“I have tried numerous “quick fix” weight loss programs and have always found my way back to the same place I started. When I started the program with Lisa, I honestly was skeptical that it would be just like all the others. But after the first week, I realized that this program has what all the others are missing. This program centers on changing behavior and habits, not just diet and exercise. And Lisa has been so encouraging. She has such a passion for this program and for helping people change how they think about food and health.”


“This Health Coaching program is INTENTIONAL and lays the groundwork necessary to see both short-term and long-term results. Choosing Lisa as my health coach is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. With her help, I have developed a healthier mindset and habits that benefit me every day.”


“I am in my first month of an online training program with Lisa and I feel so good! If you have ever thought about personal training, consider this option. One of the best things is that I know exactly what to do at my gym instead of wandering around trying to decide on the best exercise to do next. And I can work out on my own time! Lisa is uplifting, motivating and extremely knowledgeable!”


I’ve seen more results with Lisa than with any other trainer I've used. Each session is designed to maximize the impact of my efforts. In just 6 short weeks, I can already see the changes in my body and my clothes fit better. Highly recommend.”


“I have always tried working out on my own and was tired of not seeing results. With Lisa's extensive knowledge and training methods, I am already noticing a difference in just one month. My arms are more toned and my strength is improving. The system is easy to use and holds me accountable for my workouts, yet it's flexible enough to do on my own schedule. Lisa is quick to respond to any messages and does a great job keeping me motivated. I am so happy that I joined this program. Thanks Lisa!”

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