Coach’s Corner: Soups, Scans, and the app that gets you moving with purpose…

My favorite Fall recipe…

For me, Fall screams SOUP! Honestly, I love all soups at all times, but this cooler weather makes them even more delicious and comforting. And my favorite soup this season is Butternut Squash! 

I used my Instant Pot this past weekend to make this recipe: https://blog.myfitnesspal.com/instant-pot-pumpkin-soup-with-crispy-sage-leaves/

Instead of pumpkin, I used butternut squash. I also swapped out the chicken broth for chicken bone broth to increase the protein and collagen. I served it with a simple mixed green salad and sourdough bread from my hometown baker. Oh so good!

And with the Instant Pot, it took all of 20 minutes. Don’t have an Instant Pot yet? You must put it on your holiday list if you want to make quick and healthy meals in the new year: https://amzn.to/3GK9Gsa 

The 2-minute scan that could save your life…

This past week, I had a Calcium Score Heart Scan. This scan is recommended for those age 40-70 who are at a higher risk for heart disease with no current symptoms. You are at a higher risk if you are/have:

  • Family history of heart disease
  • Past/current smoker
  • History of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes
  • Overweight
  • Inactive

This scan uses CT to detect calcium deposits in the coronary arteries of the heart. A higher score suggests an increased risk of a future heart attack. It takes 2 minutes, it is very inexpensive (usually out of pocket expense), and non-invasive (I literally walked in the room, laid on a table fully clothed, put my arms above my head, held my breath 4 times while the CT scanner took pictures, and that was it)!

I have a family history of heart disease, plus I’ve had three seemingly healthy friends (who do NOT meet the high risk criteria) have unexpected heart attacks this past year. Thankfully, they are all doing fine, but a simple calcium scan could have prevented these attacks. 

Talk to your doc about this important screening!

Give purpose to your workouts…

One thing I’ve learned in all my years of fitness coaching is that you are more likely to show up for your workouts if you have a specific and inspirational goal in mind. For years, participating in running races is what got me out of bed before sunrise to get my runs in. I ran my last race on February 29, 2020…and one week later, the world shut down. No more races, no more goal date on the calendar, no more specific purpose to my morning runs. And many of my clients were feeling this same lack of motivation. 

Thankfully, one of my clients told me about The Conqueror Virtual Challenges app. This app allows you to take part in a variety of distance-based fitness challenges from all over the world. Ever wanted to hike the Grand Canyon, Mt. Kilimanjaro, or the Amalfi Coast? Well now you can, virtually! 

As you walk, run, hike (even swim, bike, row) at your own pace, own timeframe, and own location, your distance is applied to your challenge. Besides getting more fit with every step you take, you’ll also get postcards from landmark locations on your route, and an impressive medal when you complete your challenge. And as icing on the cake, the company will plant a tree for every 20% of a challenge you complete! 

I just finished hiking St. Francis Way, a 312-mile trek through Central Italy from Florence to Rome. Next up: The Camino de Santiago, a 480-mile trek through Northern Spain!

All the details are here: https://www.theconqueror.events/r/LH9275 

Important notes:

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