Coach’s Corner: Blood Tests, Skin Checks, and the Power of a Mantra

Know thyself (on the inside)…

I am a self-proclaimed nerd when it comes to knowing my health and medical data. Not in an obsessive way, but in a “I want to live the most optimal life” kind of way. By having routine blood work, my doc and I can discuss levels and any necessary supplementation or lifestyle tweaks to continue to feel my best. 

But not all docs (and/or insurance companies) find it necessary to order certain tests. The sad truth is that our medical system is designed to diagnose and prescribe vs. optimize and prevent. In other words, only ordering (and covering) certain tests when you are already symptomatic. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to stay ahead of any deficiencies.

Thank goodness for companies like Everlywell! Everlywell offers 30+ at-home testing kits, plus physician-reviewed results, and additional resources for important health metrics.

Suspect a food sensitivity? Wonder why metabolism seems sluggish? What about those menopausal hormones, ladies? Everlywell can deliver important answers and insights right to your mobile device within days. You can then share this information with your health care provider and discuss any necessary next steps. 

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Know thyself (on the outside)…

This past week, I had my annual skin check from my dermatologist. And just like last year, she found a “suspect” spot on my face. This pre-cancerous spot was easily and painlessly addressed using cryotherapy; essentially freezing the spot to destroy the tissue, saving me from potential surgical removal and testing (and cancer!) in the future. 

It took me years to find a dermatologist that is extremely thorough with her full body scan. She checks every inch from head to toe, starting in my scalp all the way down to between my toes, with a special magnifying light. I’ve had full body scans in the past from others who sped through the check and then tried to sell me expensive products or regular botox treatments. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but not the purpose of my visit. 

Points are: 1) get an annual full body skin check, and 2) keep searching until you find the most thorough dermatologist who has your interests in mind.

Insight from a client (that may help you this holiday season)…

A client of mine recently shared some wise insight regarding his food choices as he continues to go after his health and weight loss goals. I share it here in hopes it may resonate with you, especially during the upcoming holiday season when food (especially sugary treats) abound. He simply said, “My health goals are way more delicious than any food I may be craving!” 

Good stuff, right? I don’t know about you, but that struck a huge cord with me! (Side note: I just love it when the “student becomes the teacher”; or in my case, the client becomes the coach!)

He uses this mantra to quickly take control in the face of temptation, and choose his future health vs. temporary pleasure in the moment. He is often surprised at how effective this simple sentence is in helping him make healthier choices.

What about you? Can you create your own mantra or catchphrase to help you take control of your behavior in moments of choice?

Important notes:

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