Let Me Introduce You to the MORE APPROACH

A proven 8-week Health Coaching Program, rooted in behavior change psychology, focused on creating lasting health habits once and for all!

The MORE APPROACH is a Game-Changer for Those Who:

  • Are tired of chronic ‘dieting’ and want to break the cycle
  • Feel as though their willpower is broken!
  • Have lost weight in the past only to gain it back
  • Lack confidence in their capability to change their habits long-term
  • Are overwhelmed and confused by current health advice and unsure of the ‘best’ health plan
  • Have wasted time and money on meal plans, gym memberships, trainers, or quick-fix programs
  • Give too much power to the scale, allowing weight to negatively affect mood and behavior
  • Let weight loss thoughts and actions steal more of their time and energy than they care to admit
  • Feel like life is “on hold” until they get healthier
  • Are smart and experienced enough to know that traditional ‘cookie-cutter’ weight-loss plans don’t work long-term, but are unsure what else to do!
  • Are JUST SO TIRED of trying to ‘fix’ this on their own and so close to throwing in the towel

If any of these statements resonated with you, you are most definitely not alone! Despite the fact that there are more resources available to support a healthy lifestyle than ever before…

The CDC reports that nearly 70% of adults in America are either overweight or obese. And the U.S. weight loss industry is estimated to be worth $66 billion and growing!

Why Do We Struggle With Creating Lasting Health Habits?

Don’t blame the programs…or yourself. Clearly, there is more involved than meal plans and willpower. Creating new permanent health habits is nearly impossible if you don’t have meaningful MOTIVATION, clear and relevant GOALS, an achievable step-by-step PLAN, and an encouraging SUPPORT system. And that’s just the beginning. Behavior is greatly influenced by biological, physical, and mental factors that most people don’t even recognize.

Wow…that’s a lot to consider! No wonder the statistics are so bleak.

But here’s the good news…

Studies show that having a specialized coach to guide and support behavior change increases your chances of adherence and ultimately success.

And that is exactly where the MORE APPROACH comes in…

“While there is clearly no magic bullet to successfully losing weight, a new study suggests that health coaches may be the next best thing. Qualified health coaches have an opportunity to be the solution for so many people who desperately want to lose weight and live healthier lives, but simply don’t know where to start. Health coaches don’t focus solely on things like calories or exercise. Instead, they teach the principles of behavioral modification and help clients overcome the psychological barriers that keep them from achieving their goals on a daily basis.” – American Council on Exercise, October 2012

“Chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes wreck our quality of life and cost a fortune. In recent years, a new and intriguing concept has emerged in the prevention and treatment of chronic illness: THE HEALTH COACH.” – CBS News, October 2009

What is the MORE APPROACH?

The quick answer…

The MORE APPROACH is a behavior change program focused on creating consistent health habits for long-term health and weight management. Through weekly content and coaching, this program answers two key questions so many people ask themselves when trying to “get healthier”:

  • What is the best plan for my personal health goals? (Hint: it’s different for everyone)
  • Most importantly, how can I stick to the plan long enough to create the habits that will lead to my goals? (Hint: it has little to do with willpower)

The Details...

Behavior Change Requires: Motivation (why change), Objective (what to change), Roadmap (how to change), and Execution (create the change). The MORE APPROACH incorporates each of these key elements in a systematic and practical curriculum, specific to behaviors that impact overall health and weight management.

The curriculum unfolds over the course of 8 health coaching sessions. All sessions include take-away “Healthwork”: worksheets, resources, and supporting documentation to take further action and apply the lesson to real life.

Lessons cover:

Facilitating the entire curriculum is a certified Health Coach specially trained in Behavior Change Psychology (read more about your coach here).

The MORE APPROACH: An Analogy…

Let’s apply the MORE APPROACH to a family dream vacation. WHY would your family want to take a dream vacation? Your motivation could be anything from relaxation to adventure. This motivation will lead to imagining and eventually deciding specifically where you will go (the WHAT). Once this is decided, you’ll need to plan HOW to make this happen…what are the specific steps that must happen for your family to end up in this place on a certain date? From saving money to booking travel arrangements to packing, this plan becomes your “roadmap” to reach your destination. Finally and most importantly, you must consistently take ACTION on these steps even in the midst of life’s demands and influences, or your perfect family vacation will remain just a dream.

THE SAME IS TRUE FOR YOUR HEALTH GOALS! If any one of these elements is not considered, your health “destination” will remain just a dream, no matter how motivated you are to get there!

The MORE APPROACH is the solution to transform your health “dream” into reality.

The Outcomes...

In addition to the WORKSHEETS, RESOURCES, and supporting TOOLS provided with each lesson, MORE graduates leave with…

  • Their Personal Health Vision and Measurable Health Objectives
  • A Customized and Step-by-Step Health Roadmap
  • Powerful Awareness of Personal Influences on Behavioral Choices
  • Targeted Execution Strategies for Habit Formation
  • Perhaps most importantly, in just 8 short weeks, the confidence, competence, and capability to create change!

A Note About Weight Loss

Most MORE clients include ‘weight loss’ as part of their overall health objectives. Traditional weight loss programs demand prescribed behavior…eat this, don’t drink that, exercise like this, etc. But being told what to do doesn’t always result in obedience! In fact, this approach often backfires…creating feelings of restriction and confinement leading to drop-out (sound familiar?). As you’ve read above, the MORE APPROACH is very different.

The MORE APPROACH is NOT a diet, an exercise program, or “cookie-cutter” plan focused on quick weight loss.

We pursue and celebrate healthy behavior over weight loss.

That said, many MORE APPROACH graduates do report weight loss after successfully implementing the program components as a positive result of new consistent health habits.

“With Lisa’s valuable knowledge and coaching skills, we were able to develop a health program specifically tailored for where I am in life. I began to see results in only 2 weeks and by 8 weeks, I was confident that we had developed a long-term solution to my overall health.” -Linda W.

How is the MORE APPROACH Offered?

Premium Private/Pair Online Coaching: Ideal for clients who desire highly personalized health coaching in a private setting. 1 OR 2 participants work with Coach Lisa for 8 consecutive weeks/1 hour session per week. All sessions are conveniently conducted via video conference. Coach Lisa is personally available to support participants between sessions via email/text. If interested in private coaching, click here for a complimentary consultation.

Digital Group Coaching: Introducing Health Habit Mastery, the digital version of the More Approach private coaching curriculum! Enrollment opens December 2020. Ideal for clients who want to work through the curriculum with a group in a virtual class setting, with support from other students and Coach Lisa via private Facebook group. Join the waitlist here:

Investment: Your health is priceless, but I offer different coaching options and payment plans to make this program accessible for all budgets, starting at less than a cup of “fancy” coffee/day! Let’s Chat for all the details!

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