The Power of Decisiveness with Food Choices

Be honest. How many times this week have you struggled making food choices? Those times when you hear two different voices in your head…one telling you “go for it…you deserve it” and the other saying “you know you shouldn’t”! We often find ourselves in situations that challenge our best intentions when it comes to what we eat. And when we make a choice that doesn’t align with our goals, we feel regret. Multiply this by the number of food choices we make each and every week, and this can be downright exhausting and discouraging, leaving us feeling powerless to make wise choices.

Let’s give you that power back, shall we? In this Facebook Live, I’m showing you how to leverage the powerful tool of DECISIVENESS. The technique that I’ll explain is so simple yet so effective, that you will be able to navigate food choices in all situations with greater ease and confidence than you ever thought possible.


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